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  1. Dear Bjørn,
    How do you do? I am a Korean reader of your novel entitled . I have read it with big interest. Thank you for your wonderful book. I have been teaching primary school students for 6 years. I want to let pupils read your fiction. I hope that I will read your another novel in Korean, if possible.
    I am also a literary doctor. Hence, I have an intention to write an essay about your work.
    When it comes to , there would be some differences between Norway and South Korea. We are such a big society where anonymity is prevalent. It is not that easy to find out that a child’s father is a prolific thief. In order to protect criminals’ family, Korean police and mass media never let us know criminals’ identity such as their names and age, face, etc. Hence, those families tend to move out in hurry.
    In South Korea, a schoolgirl killed herself after revealing her father’s gruesome murder a decade ago. She was said to be severely bullied by her schoolmates, etc. After this tragic accident, South Korea has become one of the most strict countries when it comes to reveal convicts’ personal information to protect their own family members.
    Once again, I am happy to read your novel in Korean. Happy New Year!

    Best regards,
    Jeongjun Park

  2. Hello!

    Nice to hear from you, I´m glad you like the book.
    The theme you mentioned in complicated, the society needs in some ways to protect itself from criminals, but what happens after the criminals are released from prison may be a larger punishment than the jail sentence as such. That will often include family members and relatives of the offender.
    The end of the story in this book is very open and many has asked me if I will write a book number two about the boy and his father, but I have deiced not to do that, this story ends there, and father and boy never meets again. But I have written a book about a boy whose mother has been in prison and what happens when she will contact here son again. This book is published in 2022.
    I don´t know any plans for translation another of my books to your language, unfortunately. Please keep me informed about your work with the essay.
    Happy new year to you! All the best from Bjørn
    (bjorn ((at))forfatteren.no))

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